Best personal loan companies in 2018 and 2019

Best personal loan companies in 2018 and 2019

The year is changing and you might wonder what’s going to happen for the interest rates after the new year’s eve.  Should I apply for personal loan now or in the start of 2019.  Currently, there is a conflict between Russia and Ukraine, conflict in the border between U.S.A and Mexico, just to mention some conflicts. Conflicts unstable the markets and economy, thus they have affect on interest rates and on the lives of every one of us.

Certainly there will be conflicts next year too. If you look back in time, it’s easy to see that there hasn’t been a year without some war and conflicts. For the timing to take a personal loan, affects of course also your personal live’s situation. Are you working currently, what is your salary, how long have you been working, do you have children, how old are your child, do you have a car, do you have other loans that you need pay back, are your married, etc. So the list that affects the timing to apply for loan is long and it can frustrating to make a decision.

The markets, in general, are expecting the interest rates to rise next year. There has been pressure, since the rates have been very long for long time. At the same time the markets are in turbulence while U.S.A and China set up customs for each other. For a long time the banks have suggested to take a mortgage or personal loan now, that the interest rates are low, but there has been a change lately. Banks are expecting the interest rates to get higher during the 2019.

Here’s a small list of personal loan companies that have received good reviews by the customers and a solid customer base;

  • UpStart
  • Lending Club
  • Fig Loans
  • Bonsai
  • Opp Loans

One, not so well known, is also SoFi, that allows flexible loan terms and they promote that they can give the most beneficial overall package.


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